Thursday, November 20, 2008

Change Your Life Damn It and Keep the Change!

Today the tone of this blog changes. I haven't posted in quite a while. I've been dealing with some serious health issues. These problems have all but disrupted every aspect of my life. At the same time, I've been working through my mid life crises and I've come to the realization that I've squandered much of my life being hurt and angry.

I don't want to do that any more. I don't want to live whatever time I have left in a state pain and suppressed fury that I'm barely aware of anymore. I say all this not to retract anything I've said nor to apologize for anything. It's just that I've become aware of the fact that people are the way they are. I'll say it again. People are the way they are and since women are people too it's up to me to change if I want to receive something different from the world at large than I've been getting.

You can't argue the world into the shape that you want. Not unless you're Martin Luther King or JFK or better yet Jesus or somebody of that nature. And you know what happened to them. So today I'm not arguing about men's rights any more or the evil that women do. I'm going to focus on other things like men's health, how much I love my family, or what new tech is out ,or the economy and is the world coming to an end. And I'm going to talk about any thing else that interests me without getting upset over it. This may not seem like much of a change to you, but it's miles from where I've been living. Usually I take everything I'm worrying about and get angry over it; and it's only till I'm really angry that I start to talking. I'm going to talk about these things in a cathartic release like you've never seen because if the world is coming to an end then I want to get said everything I've got left to say.

It certainly seems like we're living in the last age. There's actually a scientific theory or so I'm told that states that since there are more people alive today then has ever been alive before in history then probability favors that all of these people had a far greater chance of being born not at the beginning of the human race nor the middle, but most certainly the end or something like that. I'm certain I've got that wrong, or at least clumsily stated, but oh well.

From this day forth I'm going to live life without fretting over the past and hurting over things I can't change. From here on out I'm going do the things I have to do to be happy for however long I've got. Cause that's what I forgot to do while I was living a so-called life. Go forth and do the things that bring you joy for however long. Sounds like a commandment doesn't it? Well guess what?

It should have been.

Friday, June 6, 2008

7 Ways You Let Women get Away With Murder!

If you're like me, you love the women in your life. You treat your mothers with the utmost honor and admiration. You shower your daughters with love and affection. You support and care for your sisters. And you tend diligently to the needs of your female loved ones. Like me you've probably had ups and downs in the relationship business. Some of you may have had more ups and downs than a roller coaster. Like me if you ever want to find some peace and happiness in your life when it comes to women, you have to reach a place where you throw out all the old beliefs and habits that have been weighing you down like so many rusted anchors. You have to look at yourself and find out what you've done that you could have done better and what you've done that you never should have done at all. Then you do the work and make the changes. Here's some of the things that I guarantee you that you're doing wrong:

You put women on pedestals.
Guilty as charged. I used to treat women that I liked the same way my father treated my mother. I actually looked at good women as if they were earth angels or exotic delicate flowers forced to grow in a steel and concrete jungle. This is fine if you're married or in a very serious relationship. However, for women you're just dating it does several negative things. It blinds you to who she really is. Most people want to be recognized for their qualities, accepted for their idiosyncrasies, and forgiven their faults, not deified for imaginary virtues. It makes you defer to her (more later on why this is bad). It makes you seek approval from her. You start acting like she's a celebrity simply because she's female. Beautiful women get this more than anybody.

2.You pay more attention to how you feel about her than how she feels about you.
This is lethal to any relationship, for the simple fact that you can't be oblivious to a woman's feelings an expect to maintain a relationship. You have to pay attention to something other than the butterflies in your stomach, or the warm feeling in your chest, or the fact that the site of her takes your breath away, or most definitely the diamond hard boner in your denims. If you never pay attention to how she treats you, how she speaks to you, what makes her smile and laugh or what makes her cringe and pull away, you're going to lose. Women are usually quite good at expressing themselves if you pay attention. One thing to be aware of. Pay much more attention to what she responds to than what she says she wants.

3.You walk on eggshells afraid to call her on her B.S.
A lot of men fall into this trap. You're so eager to please a woman you like that when you fail to do so you start getting nervous and second guessing everything you do. This is a guaranteed recipe for failure. No one likes awkward interactions. Nervous suitors wrote the book on awkward. Also, if you turn timid afraid you'll make some dreadful mistake, and don't check her when she's clearly in the wrong, she won't respect you in the morning, afternoon, or evening either. Women test the men who let them. They might call them the fairer sex but fair ain't in a woman's play book. Refuse to take her tests by letting her know up front that you took your final exam in this subject a long time ago. No more teacher's pet.

4.You buy into female entitlement programs wholesale at retail prices.
Unselfish men who were traditionally raised are culturally brainwashed to believe that women naturally have the short end of the stick. You try and make up for all the ills real or imaginary that the women you care about have faced. Women, especially pretty ones, learn this early in life just to milk you and bilk you for all you're worth. Yes women have in the past had a hard time in our society. Today women don't have it nearly as hard as they want you to believe. Wake up and realize that you have it just as rough nowadays, if not rougher. Stop believing the hype about women making less than men. Women who're qualified and who don't choose to have children make just as much as their male equals. It's not up to you to fix all women's issues or suffer for someone else's crimes against women. Demand full reciprocity. Every thing you do for her require her to return the favor. And for god sake stop trying to “support her shoe fetish” with your hard earned “lettuce.”

5.You let women use sex as a WMD (Weapon of Manhood Disruption}.
Women literally have you by the balls on this one. Social conditioning, pop culture, or the head of your penis has convinced you that men want sex, while women want other things (money, commitment, intimacy, shopping). Men are from Mars; women are from Venus, we're told. That's the greatest story ever sold. I don't know about you but I was made in the USA. Get off the bra strap and get a handle on your manhood... literally, if you have to. Men have survived crawling miles on their bellies after a near fatal fire ant attack and you're whining because a woman withheld sex for two weeks? Until the day comes when you can take it or leave it, you're at their mercy. I can't stress this enough. Upgrade your skills. Once you learn to make a woman cum in her panties you'll never again have to work, beg, buy, or lie for sex another day in your life. Your good sense will tell you the truth of what I say. How many women have you met who jump through hoops by leaps and bounds for the bad boys who screw them and treat them like $#!%, then turn around and pretend they're doing you a favor by giving it up? Now hear this. Women love sex as much as you do. The main difference is that women can't get relief as easily and they are more aware of the consequences than you are. They could be labeled a slut, get pregnant, or catch a disease. Why risk all that for a genital sneeze? What they won't tell you is that they will risk all that and much more for mind blowing, incredibly hot, satisfyingly naughty sex. Make sure that you can provide it and your diamond hard @!&% will become her @#$$&'$ best friend.

6.You confuse having respect for women with having to defer to women.
This one probably isn't your fault. What usually happens is your parents, in order to raise you right and keep you safe, taught you respect and deference at the same time. In fact it probably never occurred to them to point out the difference between the two. To show respect you treat someone with a minimum amount of honor and dignity. Every decent human being is entitled to some respect. And to the proven few, who deserve it, you shower them with dignified honors. When you defer to someone you hold their views, words, ideas, or feelings over your own. You in effect give them authority over you, whether you intend to or not. It's quite reasonable to defer to proper authorities: police, judges, experts, professionals, anyone else who has a gun to your head. It is wrong-headed and counterproductive to defer to the women you hope to have relationships with. The truly ironic thing is they'll penalize you for it and loose all respect for you.

7.You suppress your manly desires in favor of female notions of a “good man.”
I plead guilty to this myself also. For years I thought that a gentleman would put a woman's wants and needs first. It's fine to put another first, if you're married to a good woman who's shown she'll do the same for you. With such a woman you don't have to suppress a part of yourself, since the real you is what she married you for. The problem comes when you do this for any other woman. You end up with two people looking out for her and nobody looking out for you. You're a man; never forget that. A woman cannot define what manhood is, much as they love to try. Most women don't even know what a real man is. yet they constantly talk about what a man should be. What they define as a “good man” is nothing any real man would ever let himself become. To add insult to injury, they constantly bypass, leave, or worse, betray good men for the bad boys they always complain about. Define yourself. To paraphrase what a wise woman once said, if you don't deliberately choose your way of life, you'll adsorb it by osmosis. You and you alone should decide what kind of man you want to be. Don't let anyone else, especially a woman who is not your mother, shape your manhood. Take your balls out of cold storage and let them hang so low the devil files a complaint with God about the damn things dragging across his roof.

Prenups are Rubbers for Your Wallet

This article on the hobo, Heather Mills, and her $50 million settlement irks me.

span class="fullpost">
Paul McCartney didn't get a prenup before he married this trifling woman. He didn't ask for one because he was a fool in love. Fools and their money often part. He got lucky though. She didn't get anymore than he originally offered her in the first place.,4670,PeopleHeatherMills,00.html

At least he's wised up and got a woman with millions of her own. Don't date broke @$$ women. And don't confuse a woman's @$$ crack with a place to swipe your credit card. That's like abstinence for your wallet. You make sure you do the same before you catch your death of cold blooded gold digging.

Everybody say @$$swiper no swiping!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Am Nuts; Hear My Loose Screws

I always wondered why Superman wore his draws on the outside of his paints. Now I know. It was so that when he and Lois Lane got a divorce she couldn't put his skid marks on the Internet. They'd already be there!

Seriously, talk about airing dirty laundry in public. This woman's using Youtube as a clothesline.

This woman is clearly unbalanced. Wouldn't be surprised at all, if before the divorce is finalized, we end up watching another crazy woman run over her husband several times like the woman in Texas a few years back.

Here's a more balanced account of the situation.

This next article shows me my hunch was right:

That heifer's a gold digging, panhandling hobo, who's been married at least three times to rich (brain damaged) men, engaged five or six times also to wealthy (retarded) men, and who according to her first husband hasn't seen her son but 2 minutes in 20 years. This bitch is what you call worth less than worthless.

Rob Lowe, Shakedown Victim

Something fishy is going on with the nanny/ wench in this article:,2933,351604,00.html

This sounds a lot like your classic shakedown. And the problem for Lowe is a lot of people will side with the wench because she's young, pretty, and female, so of course he had to have done something wrong. This is a bias that is so prevalent in our society today it's not hard to see how a nanny (wench) might think that a shakedown might be all she needs to pay her way through college.

Is Lowe innocent? I doubt it. The douche bag has a teen girl fetish. He probably hangs out with R. Kelly in the off season.

But the facts speak for themselves, this heifer just doesn't sound credible. The emails to the Lowes, the three times she returned to work for them, and the 1.5 million demand for hush money. I smell a hood rat!

Plus anybody who hires that man-hating, castrating, emasculating, male-bashing, parasite, GLORIA ALLRED, can pick a finger (any finger) and French kiss my buttocks right in the groove.

Men, Alimony, and Respect (Reciprocity): The Penis Strikes Back

All is fair in love and warfare.

Can you say, hoist by their own petard? Chickens coming home to roost? Ms Anita Raghavan's recent article on alimony in the Wall Street Journal was sheet music to my eyes.:

It's about time women started getting the business end of the ugly stick they've been caning men with for the past half century. The only things standing in the way of total equality is the lame-brained, lop-sided, chivalrous (chauvinist) male attitude towards women and the chest thumping, Cro-Magnon, breadwinner effigy of their own manhood that they desperately cling to. We won't even mention the equality of convenience, clubbed cave woman, little shop of horrors “Feed me!” mindset that all too many women display.

A friend of mine, who regularly worked 14hrs. a day six days a week for ten years to support his family, came home early one day to find his wife screwing the neighbor. During the divorce, it was proven that she'd cheated on a regular basis with several different men, some of whom he worked with. She still walked away with $1,500 in alimony, $1,500 in child support, the house, a car, plus legal fees. Now he has to work three jobs to subsidize this whore and still attempt to have a life of his own. I went through the whole shebang with him. And because of this, I know that if I ever get married, it won't be to a woman making less than I do. Broke @$$ women need not apply. Nor will I ever allow a heifer to loaf at home on the sofa watching soap operas, eating bonbons and getting morbidly obese, while occupying my mind, my time, and my dime. The only milk I need is the milk of human finance. I'm a BMW (Black Man Working). I won't settle for anything less than a LEXUS (Lovely Employed eXtra Undemanding Sister).

The law is quick to lock men up for child support delinquency, while women rarely get punished for wholesale interference with paternal visitation. In the cataract riddled eyes of American justice men are beheld as nothing more than a wallet with a penis sticking out of the billfold. Gold digging is a billion dollar industry. Women chase and trap retard professional athletes using newborn babies as paychecks and the batting average of the public eye at this immoral behavior is .000. Men are tired of taking it up the yin yang. They're waking up and fighting back.

These quotes were priceless: ""I feel financially raped," says Rhonda Friedman, "Why the courts don't tell a husband, who has been living off his wife, to go out and get a job is beyond my comprehension," Joan Lunden, ...said, Ms. Garnick herself says, "In some instances, alimony has become akin to a social-welfare program provided by working women to their ex-husbands.", "I don't understand why someone becomes your financial responsibility just because you married them," says Ms. Friedman."

These were my thoughts exactly when my friend was getting anally and financially gored by Michigan's "pure no-fault" divorce dildo. It's precisely what millions of male divorce POW s have said to themselves over the last several decades. And more and more, it'll be what women are saying to themselves as they and their significant others realize that divorce can be a double headed dildo.

The battle of the sexes is rejoined. And I say it's about time men escaped the kill zone women have baited them into since the sexual revolution

And Girls Will be Boys Too.

Don't get me wrong. I love women. I know I can be hard on them sometimes, but that's just because deep down I believe they can be so much better than we ever could be. And it's like a slap across my spirit that so many of them try and prove me wrong.

Case in point I know you've seen that youtube video with the six girls involved in beating down some body's sixteen year old baby:

All the while I'm watching this the other day all different types of things are going through my head. God I wish I were there. Damn they can't do that to somebody's little girl. Those sorry bitches can't even fight and they call themselves gangbanging somebody.

We should raise our children better than this. Our girls are now acting in ways that we shouldn't even all our boys to act. The female prison population is exploding and nobody's doing anything about it. It's both a good thing (for the victim's justice) and a sad testament to the times that they taped the beating to put it on Myspace to humiliate the girl. Brawling, bragging, and babes gone wild is the name of the game. But now the insult and the injury's going to be on them when they hit the prison yard.

I hear the mother of the victim is taking her out of school and is going to home school her. I say good for her. Uncle Sam has done a worse job in taking care of our children than it is possible to forgive or forget. During the course of a school day, they get exposed to enough drugs, sex, and violence that if things like that were going on at home, they'd be removed from the household for their own welfare forever.

One thing I hope this child's mother does is enroll her in some martial arts classes so she can learn how to properly defend herself and regain whatever was lost in that horrific beating.